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The Let’s Go Fishin is a 29’ Sport fisherman that can charter up 4 passengers comfortably. Since the charter is a smaller group of passengers that makes it easier to accommodate and gives you a better chance at catching a fish. Instead of six people taking a turn there is only up to four people. There is plenty of room especially in the cockpit. There are two small fighting chairs alone with a fishing station which takes the place of a full size fighting chair. The smaller chairs can be folded down to take up less room while the fishing station can be removed for inshore trips, and its space can be used as a bait table. Other seating is provided in the upper and lower cabins.

The boat has twin turbo diesels, just recently installed and dual helm stations. The boat has been designed so the captain is close at hand at all times and can take the place of the traditional mate that is no longer needed. The captain will perform all of the duties of a mate including the cleaning and package your catch of the day.

In the lower cabin are two bunks along with a small table to snack and prepare lunch for the day. There is a full size head (toilet) with privacy door. There is a limited amount of fresh water to wash your hands, along with hand sanitizing cleaners. The LGF has all the modern Electrical equipment such as 2 radars, color depth recorder, 2 GPS, VHF radio, EPIR, and Cell phone.

The LGF can take up to four passengers. All prices quoted out are the prices for the boat and fishing trip. All children are included in the count with no exceptions. All children 12 years old and younger are required to wear a life preserver at all times. The LGF charter boat carries all of the necessary life preservers and other items required by the US Coast Guard. All charter fishing trips can be changed to another type of trip but this change must be communicated to the captain at least 48 hrs before the scheduled date and approved by the captain. All prices quoted include all necessary tackle, bait (except for live eels - this is charged on quantity basis and generally runs about $50. Extra), and ice for your food. No fishing license is required while aboard the LGF, the boat has been set up to cover this state requirement.

The Captain at the end of the trip will clean and bag your catch. Ice for your fish can be Purchased at the Marina, if there is any ice from food coolers you are welcomed to it at no extra charge. You do not need to bring your own coolers for food, there are two set up with ice on the boat. It is suggested to bring coolers if you anticipate taking any fish home with you.

Clothing for the day depends upon the forecast and time of the year of your trip, plan accordingly. I do suggest footwear should be sneakers since the decks do get wet from washing them down during the day. Foul weather gear is your responsibility, again depending upon the weather forecast. The upper cabin is protected from the weather and there is enough seating capacity to accommodate 4 passengers to keep out of the rain on most days. Weather is our biggest concern especially wind. I recommend you call me a few days ahead of time to discuss the local fishing reports and anticipated weather for your trip. I make the call as the Captain and if it is determined that weather is going to be a problem, such as an upcoming weather front, we will look to reschedule if at all possible. If we cannot agree on another day then you get you deposit back in full.

You are welcome to bring your own tackle, just let the captain know before the trip as to what tackle, type, and quantity you anticipate bring.

It is your responsibility to bring you own food and drink for the duration of the trip. Ice will be provided along with coolers for you food and drink. Beer is allowed, but in moderation. If someone becomes intoxicated the captain has the right and duty to terminate the trip and return to the dock. If this occurs, you will forfeit your deposit and fees and your trip will be nonrefundable.

For beginners I would suggest fishing inshore for striped bass and blues. The action is more consistent and the travel distance to and from the fishing grounds is far less and not as expensive.

It is important to point out that you can start out inshore and if there is enough time we can change the trip to offshore if conditions are right. This means also that if you are offshore and decide to come back in early, you can finish the day off fishing inshore.
Regular offshore trips start at 6am and return to the dock by 4pm.
Extended day and Canyon trips start at 5am and generally return to dock by 7pm
Inshore ½ day trips start 6am - 11am or noon to 5pm
Twilight trips start 4pm - 9pm


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