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Montauk is considered the fishing capital of the world. The reason for this is due to its location on the East coast. Since our harbor is located only a few miles from the inshore fishing grounds, we can fish these grounds without wasting a lot of time traveling to and from the fishing grounds. It also gives us the option of either fishing before going offshore or on our way back from offshore we can stop off and catch some striped bass and blues to finish off the trip. Not many ports can offer this type of fishing, especially with the possibility of catching trophy size striped bass, through out the entire season that starts in late May and runs until the end of the season in December. This is also why we can offer ½ day inshore fishing as well as twilight trips through out the entire season.

There are several methods of catching striped bass and blues, the majority of sportfishing charter boats use wire line trolling to catch these fish. This generally requires heavier tackle then what we generally use with live bait. The type of bait varies through out the season and depends what type bait is currently in our waters with the exception of live eels. These can be bought generally through out the season, and this is why I have to charge separate for these.

Other types of bait include live porgies and bunker fresh or frozen can be used through out the season. The best bet is to wait until a few days before your trip to discuss bait and type of fishing.

It is important to point out that it is not necessary to commit to inshore or offshore fishing. I would recommend waiting until a few days before the trip to decide what type of trip you would like. However it is necessary to reserve the day with a deposit to officially reserve a day for you exclusively.


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