Montauk Shark Fishing Full day Offshore Trips from the LGF in the Montauk charter boats

Shark fishing is one of our most exciting offshore trips. There are no guarantees in fishing, however shark fishing offers the most consistent offshore actions and can be the most exciting.

Shark charter fishing trips start off by first trolling inshore in the morning to catch fresh blue fish and then traveling 20-30 miles offshore montauk to fish for sharks. First we establish a chum slick, by putting over the side of the boat ground up chum (bait fish) that has been frozen and will thaw though out the day and leave a chum slick that will hopefully bring the sharks within range of our boat. We normally put out 3-4 rods with bait (bluefish if available).

You can elect to fight the shark with stand up tackle, or fight the shark in the fighting chair or fishing station. After fighting the fish its decided to release the fish unharmed, or if it’s a eatable fish such as a Mako or Thresher shark and its legal length (54”) I will gaff it to bring home. We are only allowed to take one of these sharks to bring home by Federal law. Remember one fish is 90 lbs - 400 lbs plus so there is usually enough shark meat to satisfy everyone. If we get a keeper early in the day we can still continue to fish and release all other sharks or go over to inshore striper fishing or come back in to fishing in mountauk point for bass and blues inshore.

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Montauk Sportfishing Shark Tournaments

The LGF is fully equipped to participate in all three major shark tournaments held at Montauk each year. These tournaments are two day events, and you need to pay the entry fee in full. All winnings are the charters; the Captain or the boat does not take a share. The entry fees and side bets (called Calcutta’s) are between the charter(s) exclusively. Call for details since each tournament is different.

Star Island Yacht Club - Montauk Shark Tournament
Montauk Marine Basin - Montauk Shark Tournament
MBCA Shark Tournament - Montauk Shark tournament
Star Island Yacht Club - Montauk Mako Tournament
Star Island Yacht Club - Stripped Bass Tournament


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