Striped Bass, Blues, and Fluke fishing trips in Montauk, Long Island

Striped bass starts in mid May and continues until the mid of December. Generally we catch bass though out the entire season. Some weeks are better than others and it’s impossible to predict what period of time is better than another.

There are many ways to catch bass - trolling with wire line and artificial lures is probably the most popular method. Unfortunately because of the strong tides at Montauk it requires about 250 - 300 ft of wire line to get the lure into a depth where the fish live.

Another method is to use live bait eels or porgies, bunker etc. With light conventional rods and reels this method is probably the most sporting. These baits are drifted into a number of areas that are known to produce striped bass and blues. When a fish hits you are only fishing with 30-40 feet of monofilament line with a light weight use to get the bait down to the bottom. The biggest problem with this type of fishing is getting the live bait which can take time to catch before going for striped bass and blues. If you only elect a ½ day and want to use live bait, time maybe a problem therefore I suggest we discuss this before the trip. Live eels can also purchased at an additional cost. The best thing to do is to wait until few days before the trip to discuss the best method of fishing.


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