Montauk Tuna Fishing Charters

Tuna fishing trips are generally trolling with artificial lures from 20-70 miles offshore. Since the distance to travel to and from the fishing grounds these trips generally require an extended day trip.

Tuna generally show up in our waters in July and continue until late Sept. early Oct. Tuna are considered a school fish, and therefore if they show, hopefully in good numbers, it can be a memorable trip. If they stay long enough in a given area and build up number wise then we can bait them with fresh bait fish such as butterfish, anchovies, whiting or ling etc…

There are several different types of tuna that can show up in our area. Blue fin tuna can be small football size to giant blue fin that grow up to 1000 lbs. plus. The other tuna are Yellow fin, Albacore and Big Eye. All three tuna generally stay far off our shores from 30-70 miles. It's best to wait a few days before your trip to discuss their availability and whether a particular day will provide the best chance to catch tuna.

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